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African axe
hefty fighting axe
Very fine example

African axe Very fine example www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine African Prestige axe.
This axe measures 49cms tall and 28cms along the blade end to end.
The size, design and heft of this axe could certainly have seen it used as a primary fighting weapon and that of a prestige symbol.
The shaft is 30mm across the base and 55mm across the head at the widest point. The crown is covered in a stitched hide that appears to be Lion skin, perhaps a paw.
The blade is very thick through the shaft and tapers to a fine broad cutting edge.
All surfaces of the steel are covered in chiseled decorative line motifs.

A very fine axe of good proportions, likely from the Central and Western Central regions of Africa.