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Afican axe
Very good example
Mozambique, Zimbabwe

Afican axe Very good example Mozambique Zimbabwe www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very nice African axe likely from the Tsonga or Venda regions.
From tip to tip, this African axe measures just over 72cms.
The shaft length is approx 46cms, the blade length is approx 37cms.
The shaft is well carved and well preserved, showing darkened line sectioning of differing designs to both sides of the head. It carries an unusual and well aged ring to the base.
The blade very well forged example of good size, weight and length. All edges are sharp with a couple of small edge nicks.
The design of this type of African axe offers great diversity in application. The extra length allows for very strong chopping blows and also very effective stabbing/thrusting applications.
A very fine old African axe of very good age and quality.