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Very fine Dadao
Complete example
Chinese sword
Rare Seven Star inlay
Big Dipper

Very fine Dadao Complete example Chinese sword Seven star inlay Big Dipper www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A nice complete and unusual Chinese Dadao sword.

This example measures 73cms in the sheath, just under 72cms out with a thick heavy blade 51cms long and 5cms wide.
The pig skin scabbard is original to the sword. It shows a decorative leather throat and woven cord suspension strap.
The hilt is an outstanding display of knot work showing a warm dark age patina.
The lobed guard is of bronze and cupped in shape.
The blade is very finely crafted with good attention to weight, form and balance and is a powerful and fast sword in hand.
The blade is inlayed with seven copper plugs, has double fullers below the spine, an upward sweeping shape and a fine raised back edge that has a slight downward curve before sweeping up to the blades tip.

A very fine, unusual and complete Chinese Dadao.