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Spanish Navaja, Albacete
Makers named blade
44cms open, untouched patina

Spanish Navaja Albacete Makers named blade 44cms open untouched patina www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very nice untouched Albacete Najava of good proportions.
The overall length of this Navaja open is 44cms, closed it is 25cms.
The construction is traditional decorated brass over horn.
The centre of both horn grip slabs has an inserted decorative brass bar and to the outer edges, both top and bottom, are brass dot inlay the length of the horn slab with all being present.
The back strap is a simple and strong mechanism free from decoration.
The slender blade is full, carries a needle point and is decorated with a floral cartouche to both sides. To the left side at the pivot point there is a makers mark that reads "Gregorio Argo, Albacete".
Slight play in the blade from age use and would grade up very well with a polish if desired.
A very fine well marked Navaja with an unusual makers stamp.