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Presentation Kukri
Massive 50cms out of sheath
Very fine, large and rare Kukri

Presentation Kukri Massive 50cms out of sheath Very fine large and rare Kukri www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A massive and very high quality Kukri with attribution.

This very fine Kukri measures just under 53cms in the sheath, 50cms out with a blade length just under 39cms.
The hilt is a very fine polished horn type and has been dressed in a white metal bolster, butt cap and grip fittings that retain an untouched patina.
The blade is a high quality Chirra type with a fine profie curve and is very heavy yet very comfortable. The blade appears to be a full partial tang with two rivets securing the horn grips.
The sheath is a fine quality example with tooled decorations to the leather that is beneath green velvet covering.
Attached to the front of the sheath is a presentation shield made of the same white metal fittings and carrying the same age patina as all other sheath and kukri fittings. As the Gurkha regiments had their own silversmiths it is very likely by quality of execution that this a non regimental approved gift and likely purchased privately and gifted privately.
Only the Chakmak remains with the sheath and it is on a very rare and unusual 'blade' form and carries an antler hilt.

All attributions aside, the size and quality of this kukri is something very rarely seen.