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Malay Keris
Rare 15 Luk example

Malay Keris Kris Rare 15 Luk example www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A beautiful Malay Keris with a fine and old rare blade type.
This example measures 45cms in the sheath, 43cms out with a blade length of 36cms.
The timber sheath shows very nice grain and remains in good order but with one small age repair.
The hilt too has a very fine grain and displays a very nice warm old age patina. The Mendak is very finely chiseled and appears to have a hint of gilding.
The blade is very fine and razor sharp with a full needle point. There are beautifully executed fullers running the length of the blade and a very fine pamor pattern shows through the patina.

A very fine old Malay Keris.