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Lombok Parang/Pedang
Suasa bound scabbard
Very good example
Pamor blade

Lombok Parang Pedang sword Suasa bound scabbard Very good example Pamor blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very nice Lombok Parang.

This Lombok sword measures just over 62cms in the sheath, 58cms out and carries a fine pamor blade that is just over 42cms long.
The expertly carved Cockatoo hilt is of horn construction and also shows circular piercings to both sides. The rest of the hilt is covered with sheet silver with floral decorations in light relief to the middle section.
The scabbard is timber with sheets of a silver gold alloy binding it together. Both the upper and lower fittings are finished with an applied copper ring to the edges.
The blade is of a fine pamor construction that can be seen through the spine and faces of the blade. It carries a good edge and a non sharp shaped back edge to the tip.

A very attractive Lombok sword.