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Wootz Kirach
fine chiseled steel
rare Indian sword

Wootz Kirach fine chiseled steel rare Indian sword www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very unusual Indian sword known as a Kirach.
This fine native made fighting sword is just over 85cms long with a blade length of 74cms.
The hilt remains in very good condition with 70% of the floral silverwork remaining intact.
The blade is made of wootz steel and shows a very good pattern throughout. The forte carries a very long Indian ricasso of 18cms that then steps up to the cutting edge that continues through to the slightly reinforced tip. The tip has a long and sharp back edge just short of 25cms.
The most unusual aspect and a design that is seldom seen is the that the spine, the ricasso and the forte all display areas of steel chiseling.
The shapes seen along the spine and the ricasso have been chiseled in a fashion that copies the applied reinforcing seen on the Khanda.

A very nice and unusual fighting sword with unusual design elements.