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Darfur Kaskara
Stunning African sword
Very fine condition

Darfur Kaskara Stunning African sword Very fine condition www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine, large and visually stunning Kaskara.

This fine example is from the south east regions of the Sudan being the city of Kassala.
Overall in the scabbard it measures 109cms long. Out of the scabbard it is 105cms long with a blade length of 91cms.
The entire sword remains in outstanding condition and carries a very fine warm patina to most surfaces.
The hilt is dressed with a decorative silver collar 4cms long and a very well detailed pommel 4.5cms across that is finished with a raised faceted and decorated lobe. The hilt surfaces show a very nice patina with wear to the leather grip.
The cruciform guard is a little over 15cms across with the langet being just under 3cms.
The blade is extremely fine quality. It has triple fullers running most of the length, is stamped with double moons (dukari) and carries good sharp cutting edges.
The blade and guard are free from rust or pitting.
The scabbard is very well made. It has a decorative silver locket and chape, tooled leather surfaces, platted leather embellishments and a complete tooled leather baldric with iron rings. The decorative chape is a very fine example of silversmithing as seen in the images.

An outstanding example of a Darfur type Sudanese Kaskara circa 1900.