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Very fine blade

Kukri Tool kit type Very fine blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine quality tool kit Kukri.

This very well kept Kukri measures just under 40cms sheathed, 39cms out with a blade length of 30cms.
The hilt is hepertly carved from quality blade. It is free from loss or damage and retains a bone panel butt cap that is secured with two screws.
The bolster is steel and the blade shows a very fine profile, a broad belly, is free from rust or pitting and reamins in original polish.
The sheath is likewise in outstanding condition being free from loss or splits. It retains 6 of its original 11 bone handled tools. Replacements can still be obtained, please contact me for further details should another tool kit be required.

A very fine example of an original tool kit Kukri.