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Bosnian bichaq
Fine example

Bosnian bichaq Sarajevo Fine example www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very nice and complete Bosnian Bicgaq / knife.

The Bichaq measures 36cms long in the sheath, just over 35cms out with a blade length of 22.5cms.
The hilt is a broad tapering type being 3cms wide across the ears and 2cms at the bolster. Each grip slab is well carved bone inset with brass dots, circles or varying sizes and within each large circle are clear Ottoman influenced small brass circles with each again inlayed with three black triangles pointing to the centre of the circle.
Between the grip slabs, the brass grip strap is decorated top and bottom with incised lines and between the ears are eleven raised brass ovals.
The bolster is also decorated with incised lines.
The blade is a broad type with an upswept needle tip with file work to the spine and does remain in very good condition.
The scabbard is brass covered that appears to have a gilt colouring to it. There are areas of loss to the sheeting but it remains strong and intact.

A very fine and complete Ottoman period Bosnian Bichaq.