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RFI Kukri
Rare complete well marked example

RFI Kukri Rare complete well marked example www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very nice rare and fully complete RFI Kukri with very clear military markings.
This Kukri measures just over 45cms sheathed, just under 43cms out and has a blade 31cms long.
This Mark III type Kukri is a full tang construction with an iron butt cap and iron riveted timber grip slabs. It is interesting to note the full tang is of the tapering type.
The blade is marked to both sides with one side showing "R.F.I.-62" & and a "TD" over "34" over and "E" over a "military broad arrow stamp". The reverse shows an "S", "broad arrow" over "T", "A".
The sheath remains in outstanding origianal untouched condition and also displays clear broad arrow and issue markings as does the Frog which also remains in outstanding condition.
Both original knives, the Karda and Chakmak are also present.

A very fine and complete Rifle Factory Ishapore, Indian army issue kukri, not often seen any more.