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African arrow & quiver set
Stunning dyed & woven quiver

African arrow & quiver set Stunning dyed & woven quiver www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A stunning set of 37 African arrows with quiver.

The very fine set comprises of 37 arrows of various lengths, with one being a non lethal practice arrow.
Each arrow is constructed with fine iron tips bound to thin reed shafts. Each head is spliced and bound to the shafts with very fine sinew strips. The flights are triangular hide strips inserted in to purpose made splits with each end of the split again secured with very fine sinew strips. The ends of each reed is also incised with line motifs possibley indicating tribal origins.
The quiver is an expertly woven and dyed example of African wicker work. It measures just under 76cms tall and is 21cms wide. The flared mouth is approx 7cms across. Within the quiver, to the base is a section of thick wood that is woven in to the quiver to protect the base from splitting against the arrow heads.

A similar quiver is found in the Museum of Anthropology, Columbia, MO, with a description of "Congo Region, Possibly Azande, Nzakara, or Mbuti, Late 19th–early 20th centuries". This reference is from "Traditional archery from six continents: the Charles E. Grayson Collection", which I understand is now part of the museums collections.

A very fine and rare piece of ethnographic art seldom found in any condition.