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Arabian Saif

Arabian Saif Sa-if sword sabre saber Yemen www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


Arabian Saif with original scabbard.
In the scabbard, this example measures 97cms long with a blade length of 75cms.
The canted horn hilt remains in excellent condition throughout with circle and geometric designs to the surfaces. The collar is white metal as is the spacer to the pommel, perhaps low grade silver. The guard is iron and uncleaned.
The blade is thick to the base tapering to a fine back edge. It is hollow forged and retains a good edge. The blade is heavily stained and show pitting in places.
The scabbard is original to the Saif and has been field repaired throughout its life to keep this old warrior servicable. It has lost most of its original leather. Showing on the timbers beneath are incised lines that once would have shown through the original leather. The drag is in copper and the upper suspension ring is secured with wrapped and stitched hide.
A very good fighting sword in as found condition that would grade up well with some time and effort.