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Borneo blow pipe blow gun

Sumpitan Borneo blow pipe blow gun www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A nice and seldom seen Borneo Sumpitan in need of a little TLC.

Overall including the spear tip, this spear/blow pipe measures 265cms long with the shaft/pipe being 183cms long.
The hollowed shaft is hand carved and drilled from a dark native hardwood hand selected for the purpose.
The iron spear head remains secure with the 21cms tang bound with rattan.
A dangerously accurate blow pipe in the right hands and a very fine and capable spear.
This seldom seen artifact remains in very good condition with the exception that it has lost it's iron sight and the rattan binding is now loose at this point.
Despite this, it is an easy restoration for those inclined to do so with reference material available upon request.