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Sousson Pata, Sosun Pattah
A very rare Rajput sword

Sousson Pata Sosun Pattah Sousson Patah A very rare Rajput sword www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very large fine and heavy fighting sword.

This Sousson Patah, being one of the many known spelling variants of this sword type is 93cms in the scabbard, 91cms out with a blade length just over 79cms.
From the Rajasthan regions of India, this sword dates to circa 1800 and remains in very good condition for its age.
The hilt is an unusal variant has a nice fluted grip and a half guard to the knuckle side of the grip.
The hilt shows an all over dark brown age patina.
The blade is a broad heavy combat blade of fine quality.
As seen in the images, the pattern welded surfaces show a nice birdseye pattern throughout.
The blade is free from rust and pitting and edge chips.

A very nice and rare North Indian fighting sword.