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A fine Indian fighting sword
Kishangarh armoury marks
Original scabbard
Wootz blade
Gilt hilt

A fine Indian fighting sword Kishangarh armoury marks Wootz blade gilt hilt Original scabbard www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine complete wootz bladed North Indian Talwar, Tulwar sabre.

This example measures 97cms overall in the scabbard, just under 97cms out and has a blade length just under 84cms.
The large hilt is in excellent condition for its age. it retains most of its original gilded silver covering and retains its original articulated lanyard fitting to the pommel bud.
The blade is a fine wootz fighting blade with chiseled Kishangarh armoury stamps to the forte. The spine width at the forte is near 8mm and the blade shows very nice distal taper to the tip and the cutting edge. The blade is 4cms wide at the forte, tapering to 3cms through the body and widening to 3.5cms at the sharpened raised yelman. It retains a very good sharpened cutting edge. The blade surfaces show a very fine, highly spheroidized wootz pattern and has a clear bell ring when struck with a finger nail.
The Scabbard is an original type having an embroided diaper pattern of faded gold thread over a now pink fabric background, over timber inner slabs.

A fine rare Kishangarh armoury marked fighting blade.

An image from the British library collection is presented, being of Prithvi Singh, the 15th_Maharaja of Kishangarh, who can be seen holding a very similar narrow waisted Talwar.

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