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Captian Paul Boyton
Massive Presentation dagger
Solid Silver
Historically important item

Captian Paul Boyton Presentation dagger Solid Silver Historically important item www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


An outstanding and highly important provenance heavy silver dagger.

This beautiful theatrical theme dagger is more akin to a short sword. With a total length in the sheath of 59cms this is an impressive piece. Out it measures 56cms and the blade is 39.5cms long.
Although not in full polish but an antiqued tarnish appearance, the entire hilt and sheath is solid silver with silver highlights seen in several rubbed areas of the dagger.
The total weight of the dagger is 2.2kgs which would have been a very expensive gift in June 1877 when it was presented to Mr Boyton.
The theme of this very fine figural dagger is that of Othello, the Moor of Venice.
There is an example of this type of dagger seen in both Canadian and Russian Museums with the Russian example named and dated to the year 1863. It too shows an antiqued tarnished appearance.

A fantastic opportunity for research on provenance. A named and dated knife from an important historical individual who was responsible for the creation of many US land marks known today.