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Chirra blade

Kukri Chirra blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very nice Chirra bladed Kukri that will grade up well with some TLC.

This Kukri measures 43cms sheathed, 40cms out with a nice Dai Chirra blade 31cms long.
The hilt is horn with white metal bolster and pommel. It has six ivory inlayed dots and a now missing shield shaped recess that likely carried a small silver shield.
The sheath is covered in now faded canvas. It is fitted with a white metal locket and chape and has a vacant white metal presentation shield to one side.
The blade is a very finely crafted Dai Chirra type. It remains in very good condition with the exception of the uncleaned blade surfaces that now show a light rust through the once highly polished surface.

A very good quality kukri that will grade up with little effort.