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Figural Toledo Dagger
Dated 1869

Figural Toledo Dagger Dated 1869 www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine figural hilted Toledo dagger with flamboyant blade.

Sheathed this dagger is 27cms long, out it is 25cms with a 16cm blade.
The figural hilt is that of a maiden with a dagger in her right hand. She stands atop of what appears to be stylized serpents and crocodiles for the quillons.
The sheath is brown leather with brass fittings, now shunken and broken.
The blade is a flamboyant type with etched centre panels and forte. To one side of the Forte is "Toledo", the other "Ano'de 1869", being made in 1869.

A very nice seldom seen Figural dagger from Toledo Spain.