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Rare Oman "Omani" Sabre
Silver hilted
rare complete example

Rare Oman Omani Sabre Silver hilted rare complete example www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A rare and seldom seen Omani sabre.

This sabre, with the exception of the loss of leather remains in very fine untouched condition.
The overall length in the scabbard is over 98cms. Out it is 96cms and has a blade length of 76cms.
The hilt is fully bound and capped in silver dress.
The silver pommel is of traditional shape and the hilt bindings are of a rarer, seldom seen type being of twisted and plaited silver wire.
The collar is a simple undecorated type.
The blade is a remarkable piece of work. It is strong and extremely supple with amazing flex that always remains true when released. It has a sharp edge and broad and narrow fuller running most of the length.
The scabbard, despite the outer leather loss is also in very good condition. the timbers are solid and 99% of the original string work is present to the timbers. All silver fittings are present and in excellent condition. The designs seen in the silverwork shows outside influences of Caucasian items completed by native hands.
The study of the scabbard manufacture reveals a number of important native methods of construction including the string work designs, the fine wire method and patterns used for securing the leather, the methods and design to the embellished silver work, and method of suspension that is evident in the silver and gold bullion thread seen at and between the suspension rings.

An important example of a seldom seen sword that would grade up well if desired.