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Bugis Keris
A fine large 9 luk blade

Bugis Keris A fine large 9 luk blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very nice near complete Bugis Keris.

This Keris measures just over 44cms sheathed, 43cms out with a blade length just over 36cms.
The blade is a fine 9 luk type with very well controlled layered steel surfaces.
The mendak is chiseled bronze and shows a very dark age patina.
The timber hilt shows very fine timber grains but has a very small loss to the nose and an age crack the rear of the base.
The sheath also shows very nice timber grains. There are small bumps and losses on the sheath.

A nice 9 luk Malay Keris of good proportions.