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Rare Javanese Wedung
A fine and complete example

Rare Javanese Wedung A fine and complete example www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine and complete Wedung from Java.

Including the seldom found horn suspension clip, the overall length is just under 48cms long. Out of the sheath is just under 36cms with a blade length just over 23cms excluding the 5cm pentagonal bolster.
The hilt is a fine rich dark reddish timber and of the classical pentagonal shape tapering towards the bolster.
The blade is hollow forged with clear longitudinal laminations with a possible Pamor like surface if etched.
It has a deep belly and unusual shaped heel with angular cut outs and engraved spirals. The bolster at this point also takes on an unusual form, all most likely spiritual in nature.
The sheath is made from very well chosen timbers with both halves showing very fine timber grains.
To the rear of the sheath is a long rectangular cut out that supports the carved horn suspension clip. This horn section has a carved animal face at the throat of the sheath and is retained in the cut out by rattan strapping.

A very fine knife, seldom seen and in excellent condition throughout.