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A fine and large Kukri
Ivory handled complete example

A fine and large Kukri Khukri Ivory handled complete example www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine large ivory handled fighting Kukri with ivory handled companion knives.

This example measures 45cms from tip to tip when in the sheath. Out of the sheath it is just over 42cms long.
The large ivory hilt measures 55mm across the pommel and 95mm long.
The bolster is iron and the blade is 32.5cms long, 6cms across the belly and 4cms wide at the Kaudi.
The blade retains a very sharp cutting edge, has a raised medial ridge along the entire spine, double fullers under the spine and is hollow forged. The blade is also found in its original polish.
The Karda and Chakmak are present and both retain their original ivory hilts.
The leather sheath is complete but worn with age but still in presentable condition being free from cracks, splits or major losses. The sheath ends in a pierced iron tip.
Small losses and cracks to the ivory hilt as expected with age.

A fine and formidable complete fighting Kukri.