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Ivory hilted Kukri
Very fine, mid 20th century

Ivory hilted Kukri Very fine mid 20th century www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine military type fighting Kukri.

This ivory hilted example measures just under 50cms sheathed, 46cms out with a 34cm blade.
Of striking quality throughout, in my opinion, this piece remains one of the best finished Kukri types available.
The forged blade has an integral octagonal bolster and a full tang construction. It is highly polished with fine forging lines showing beneath the sheen.
The pommel cap is thick brass peened twice.
The grip slab combination are main ivory panels atop of black horn on the underside and blonde horn on the top side.
The sheath remains in excellent condition throughout and the frog straps are intact.

A very fine and well kept Kukri circa 1940/50.