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Massive Rhino Saif
Massive hilt
Relic sword

Massive Rhino Nimcha Saif Massive hilt Relic sword Tip www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A massive strong and stable Relic Moroccan Saif.

This Sabre 101cms tip to tip with a blade length of 84cms.
The blade is an 18th century European trade blade in relic condition as seen in the images, yet it remains flexible and strong and still a very capable weapon.
The large iron quillons measure 11cms across and very small areas of gold damascusing can still be seen.
The hilt is a very large piece or Rhino horn measuring 14cms long, 7cms wide and 3cms thick.
The horn remains in good condition except near the quillons where there are a few age cracks.

A good example of this sword type with a lot of horn for the list price.