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Long leaf Kukri
Early Military type

Long leaf Kukri Early Military typeTip www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good early robust fighting Kukri.

This Kukri is likely an early military service Kurki. It measures 48cms long sheathed, 46cms out and has a blade length of 35cms.
The hilt is carved timber and free from loss or damage. It is capped with an irom butt plate and appears to be secured by a pin through a rosette or a full partial tang through a rosette.
The blade is hollow forged, has a good edge and retains approx 70% of the original polish with surface wear being towards the hilt.
The sheath retains most of its original frog and strapping. It is free from splits and has a small amount of leather loss to the tip. Both the Karda and Chakmak are present but are of horn hilt construction and show partial plating to the surfaces so it is likely they are later sourced replacements.

A good complete long leaf fighting Kukri.