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A very fine Afghan sabre
Pulwar, Pulowar, Shamshir

A very fine Afghan sabre Pulwar Pulowar Shamshir Shamsheer Shumsheer Turkistan Turkmanistan Bokhara Central Asian www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good complete Afghan sabre with a very fine signed birdseye Damascus blade.

Overall in the sheath this sword measures just under 95cms sheathed. Out is it 92cms long with a blade length of 79cms.
The hilt and guard is of typical form and without decoration.
The scabbard is original leather over timber with iron fittings.
The blade is heavy and very well crafted. The construction is a very fine birdeye Damascus with a clear pattern to most of the surfaces. A professional polish would likely reveal much more.
The blade is signed and loosely translates to "train and sweat hard and bleed less in fighting". There is slight movement in the blade.

A very good Aghani sabre with a very fine and unusual blade construction.