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Fine and rare Guom
Vietnamese sword sabre
Unusual example

Fine and rare Guom Vietnamese sword sabre Unusual example www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very nice complete Vietnamese sabre, Guom.

This Guom measures just under 92cms long in the scabbard.
Out it is 83cms with a very nice blade just under 67cms long.
This sabre is solid and free from any movement in the guard as is common on these swords.
The exotic mother of pearl inlay on the rosewood scabbard is extremely fine with no loss.
The fittings are a very unusual brass work, uncleaned but likely a fine brass alloy for which the South East Asian countries are known for.
The multi fullered blade is untouched except for a light coating of oil and remains in very good condition.
The guard is of the same brass construction as the suspension fittings. It's outer surface shows hand chiseled floral motifs. The inner surface remains undecorated.
The repousse pommel in the form of a lion's head with scale like motifs down it's back.
The grip is solid ivory with a lightly carved spine and is a hand and a half long.

A very fine Vietnamese sword in outstanding condition.