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Khanjarli, Indian dagger
A very fine Wootz example
18th century

Khanjarli Indian dagger A very fine Wootz example 18th century www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine and rare early Indian dagger known as a Khanjarli.

The length of this Khanjarli is just under 32cms long.
The blade is 20cms long and 4cms wide at the hilt.
The hilt is a full thick iron tang construction with riveted ivory slabs of considerable age, likely to be original to the piece. The large ivory pommel slabs are over 10cms across.
The dagger carries the original guard that ends in a Yali head terminal where many end in bud like terminals.
The blade is finely forged, chiseled and sculptured into the thick fullered serpentine blade form.
The blade has a thick medial ridge and an armour piercing point and is constructed from a very fine patterned wootz steel.
Movement to the ivory pommel slabs as is expected with age.

A very fine complete original Khanjarli of fine form and age.