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French? Mameluke sabre
Napoleonic Period, Egypt
very rare sword

French Mameluke sabre Napoleonic Period Egypt very rare sword www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very nice and rare French? Mameluke sabre.

In a straight line, this sabre measures 82cms long tip to tip. In a straight line the blade is 69cms tip to tip.
The grip is a finely shaped horn type show a nice warm glossy age patina. The guard is brass and also shows a nice worn age patina.
The blade has a very deep parabolic curve and remains in very good condition throughout. The blade surfaces are grey and darkened with age. The spine at the hilt is quite thick and shows a very good distal taper to the tip and cutting edge. The backedge is just under 26cms long.
The blade has movement in the hilt.

A very fine and seldom seen sabre from the Napoleonic period.