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Burmese Dha
good thick fighting blade

Burmese Dha Dah Darb Daarb Dahb Burma good thick fighting blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A nice old Burmese sword with a fine long blade.

In the scabbard this sword measures 88cms. Out is it 85cms and has a blade length just under 63cms.
The hilt is low quality silver pommel and collar with an octagonal horn grip.
The blade is a very fine fighting type with a very broad spine, good distal taper and a fill needle point. It is currently showing sharpening marks to the cutting edge that will easily polish out and return the blade to a polished mirror finish.
The scabbard is timber, secured with metal bands. There is a small loss of timber to the end and a number of bands missing but otherwise a solid scabbard.

A fine well priced fighting sword.