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Large Kindjal
Qama Khama
Silver decorated blade

Large Kindjal Qama Khama Silver decorated blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A nice large Kindjal or Qama with silver decorated blade.

This example measures 57cms long in the sheath, 55cms out with a blade length of 41cms.
The hilt slabs are horna nd remain in very fine condition. The rivets carry a dark patina with remains of gold embellishment and does the sides of the tang seen between the grip slabs.
The blade is broad at over 5cms. The fullers are offset and are 29cms long.
The blade is decorated to one side with fine silverwork seen clearly through the patina.
The tip is full and the edges free of nicks.
The sheath is lacking its leather covering and tip but retains its original suspension fitting that also shows remains of gold to the surfaces.

Overall a very nice piece that will grade up well with a polish that will reveal a fine pattern welded surface.