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Rare Oman sabre
Curved Kattara

Rare Oman Omani sabre curved Kattara www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good rare Oman Sabre, Kattara.

A very good 19th century example with a later 20th century scabbard reburbishment.
In the scabbard this sabre measures 96cms long. Out it is just over 95cms with a 77cm blade.
The blade is a fine and supple trade blade with triple fullers beneath the spine and a broad single hollow forged fuller below these.
To the forte on the left is the mark of a "cross". To the right side is a cross within a cresent "moon" with a star below and two stars above.
The blade carries a good sharp edge and a sharpened back edge 18cms long.
The hilt retains it's original iron pommel cap and aged timber grip slabs. The grip has been ellaborately rewrapped during its working life.
The carved timber scabbard shows age and appears to be a later addition to the sword.

A very good example of an Omani fighting sabre.