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Sumatran Klewang
a long & heavy Cojang
very fine Damascus blade

Sumatran Klewang Cojang large and heavy example very fine Damascus blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine and old Sumatran sword.

This heavy fighting sword measures just over 82cms and carries a very heavy 6cms blade.
The hilt is a finely grained horn, undecorated and is free from loss or damage.
The heavy blade is 12mm thick at the hilt and retains a good thickness through to the tip. It is a very sturdy hollow forged blade type with an unusual tip style seen on a number of Sumatran swords.
The spine and blade surfaces show a very fine old Damascus patterning and a collection or ex-museum number "199" is seen to the forte.

An impressive and expertly made fighting sword from Sumatra.