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Twist core Moro Kris
Very large fine example

Twist core Moro Kris Very large fine example www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine and heavy Moro Kris with twist core blade.

This large Moro Kris measures 74cms long. It's blade is 61cms long and 4.5cms wide.
The hilt is in very fine condition for its age with only very minor loss to the timber pommel. The grip wrapping is in exceptional condition with all of the woven cord wrap being in place and secured by three silver bands.
The blade is secured to the hilt with two very finely chiseled asang-asang.
The blade is a very fine and desirable hollow forged twist core type. The central forged pattern is very bold and very well controlled from the base through to just short of the tip.
The blade is very heavy when compared to other types of Moro kris.

A very fine and well preserved Moro sword of Datu quality.