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Devil head mace
Indo Persian
Very rare

Devil demon head mace Indo Persian Very rare www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very rare late Qajar Ceremonial mace seen in early Iranian Miniatures.

The overall length is 75cms from the tip of the horns to the base of the shaft. The head is 12cms tall excluding the horns, near 8cms deep and 7cms wide.
A number of early Iranian miniatures depict Rostam, national hero of Iran, son of Zal and Rudaba, slaying the maddened white elephant of king Manuchehr with just one blow of a similar mace owned by his grandfather Sam, son of Nariman

A very interesting and authentic ceremonial item.

A similar mace or Gorz can be seen in figure 214 in Persian arms and Armour by Orez Perski.