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A very fine Naga spear
Assam regions, head hunters

A very fine Naga spear Assam regions, head hunters www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine Naga heat hunters spear.

The overall length of this spear is 185cms long.
The spear head is 30cms long, the butt spike is 21cms long.
The spear heads on these Naga spears are many and varied. The head pictured shows to be a very capable fighting type with small side lugs just above the socket. It is interesting to note the tribal markings at this point where the socket and cutting edges meet.
The black timber shaft remains in very fine condition for its age and carries a very rich dark gloss age patina.
To either side of the central grip are two large sections of dyed and bound goat hair, a typical and attractive aspect of Naga spears. The lower section of hair ends in long tufts of dark hair.

A very good and complete Naga spear from Nagaland, Eastern Assam regions of India.