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Jambiya, Hijaz
Arabian Khanjar dagger

Jambiya, Hijaz Arabian Khanjar dagger www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A nice complete working example of a Jambiya of the Hijaz.

This Jambiya is just over 30 sheathed and 29cms drawn. The blade is just over 18cms long.
The condition of this example is that of one that has served it's owner well and long showing a number of working repairs.
The construction is if the hilt is decorative nickel silver over timber. The sheath is again Nickel silver over a timber and leather core. There is a red glass bead or semi precious stone mounted in the middle of the throat section.
Blade has movement in the hilt and there are a number of small worm holes in the leather work. The Jambiya retains an original but worn partial belt and buckle.

A good authentic working mans Arabian Jambiya.