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A fine rare African spear
Congo regions, Lokele

A fine rare African spear Congo regions, Lokele, So, Mba, Hanga, Mongelima www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine example of the type.

This impressive spear stands just under 177cms tall.
The spear head is 53cms long including the short socket. The very sharp edges are 45cms long and the width at the socket is just under 10cms.
The spearhead is very well forged with a pronounced medial ridge at the tip that flattens through the body of the blade. There are deep incised lines running along the blade and small markings to the base.
The timber shaft is also incised along the entire length with a well worn section in the middle of the shaft from years of handling. Along the length of the shaft are 14 wrapped iron bands. the base carries a very thick and heavy faceted butt spike that is 46cms long and tapers to a point.

A very fine African spear with surprising good balance and weight.