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A good rare African spear
Nigeria, Cameroon regions

A good rare African spear Nigeria, Cameroon regions www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good rare and complete African spear from the Nigerian or Cameroon regions.

A rare find in such complete condition.

This spear measures 197cms long overall. The spear head is 37cms long including the socket.
The shaft is a tapering reed like bamboo with a small wrought iron counter weight or protective base.
The shaft is decorated with eight broad incised bands around the upper portions of the shaft and retains a woven leather band below the socket.
The carving is likely to be tribally significant and the leather ring aiding in throwing of the spear if required.
The spear head is decorative with line borders to both sides with diamond and dot motifs to the faces.

A good rare complete African spear from a region now with heavy border checkpoints and controls.