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Fine Spanish Navaja
42cms open
full needle point

Fine Spanish Navaja 42cms open full needle point www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine 19th century Spanish Navaja.

This Navaja measures 42cms open and 23cms closed.
The blade length is 20.5cms.
This fighting knife is very well constructed and expertly decorated with faceted brass panels.
The main body is shaped horn. It has a fluted mid section with decorative brass highlights. To each end are faceted brass panels that remain in very fine condition with the exception of the small brass end now missing.
The small brass end is an easy fix if desired and parts are available free of charge along with a simple restoration explanation.
The blade is very fine. It is inscribed and fullered with fullers rarely appearing on these knives. The needle tip is still present, something that is often broken on these old knives. The back strap is very strong and locks on the ratchet teeth with a firm snap.

A very good Spanish fighting knife.