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Arabian Jambiya
Fine Wahabite Janbiya
Hijaz or Asir Sabak / Sabik

Arabian Jambiya Fine Wahabite Janbiya Jambeya Sabak Sabik www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine Wahabite with fullered blade.

The overall length sheathed is 48cms, out of the sheath it is 47cms with a blade length of 35cms.
The hilt is timber covered in decorative silver fittings.
The sheath is a timber core enclosed in metal fittings being a silver upper and brass lower fitting.
To the back of the sheath is retained, a leather and leather strapping held in place with bullion thread and a pair of brass loops high up on the back of the sheath.
The blade is a very good example with a broad tapering profile with two wide central fullers running through to the tip. Between the fullers and to each side are decorative native motifs.

A fine complete Wahabite Jambiya from the Hejaz.