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Rare Indian dagger
A very fine early example

Khanjarli Khandjar Jambiya Rare Indian dagger A very fine early example www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine and complete Indian dagger, Khanjarli.

Sheathed, this Khanjarli is 35cms long. Out it is 34cms long and carries a thick blade just under 22cms long.
The grips slabs are ivory on a broad thick tang. The ivory slabs carry a warm deep caramel patina to most surfaces.
The deeply fullered blade remains in excellent condition and has a raised medial ridge with a thick armour piercing tip. The forte is decorated along the medial ridge and the outer edges are pierced.
The disk guard and knuckle bow retain a lot of original unpolished silverwork.
The Khanjarli is complete with a decorative cloth covered sheath.

A very fine, rare and early Indian dagger in excellent condition throughout.