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Turkish military Kilij
A very fine 19th century sword
Ottoman empire officers sabre

Turkish military Kilij Kilic A very fine 19th century sword Ottoman empire Officers sabre www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine Ottoman military sabre, Kilij.

Overall this sword measures 94cms long. The blade is 79cms long.
The hilt is a very fine carved horn type in excellent condition.
The guard is a solid bronze type with decorative langet and forward curving quillons. The grip strap is decorative silver.
The blade is a very good fighting type of the Kilij style, having in profile, the dipping forte along the spine and raised yelman. The faces are deeply fullered and have decorative gold work to each side of the forte and hints of murcury gilding to the fullers.

A very fine and seldom seen Officers sabre.

Similar examples with undecorated blades can be seen on page 126 of Emma Asvatsaturyan's comprehensive work, "Turkish Weapons".