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A fine Thai / Siamese spear
Very rare spear type

A fine Thai/Siamese spear Very rare spear type www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine and very rare spear, Thailand, 19th century.

This spear measure 242cm long. The blade length is 37cms long, the square iron "Tsuba" is 4cms square, the silver collar is 13cms long and the shaft tapers from 3cms to 2cms at the base.

The heavy timber shaft appears to be cut in the manner of native bamboo rather than being bamboo. Its entire shaft shows clear remains of a once lacquered surface
Atop of the shaft is a simple repousse but very unusual and seldom known silver collar.
Separating the silver collar and the spear head is a 4cm x 4cm Tsuba type guard made from thin but very strong iron, one corner now worn with age.
The spear head is typical of the form known in Thai spear and remains in very good condition from its age.

A fine and rare Siamese fighting spear from the 19th century.