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A complete Mandaya Dagger
A very fine and rare knife

A complete Mandaya Dagger A very fine and rare knife Philippines www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine and very rare complete Mandaya dagger, Eastern Mindanao.

This very rare Philippine knife measures 36cms long in the sheath, just under 33cms out and has a blade just over 19cms.
Seldomly encountered in any condition, this complete example remains in very fine condition throughout and displays many aspects of Mandayan culture and handiworks.
The unusual shaped hilt characteristic of these knives is made from a very well selected timber. To the waist of the hilt is a decorative and pierced silver band with fine rattan bindings either side.
The double edged blade is free from loss, rust or pitting but does carry a couple of very small stains. The edges are sharp and the medial ridge on both sides is raised from the forte to the tip.
The two piece sheath shows darkened carvings to the front and a plain backing panel that has a section of hide attached with very fine cane bindings. Both sections are lashed together with split rattan binding.
Certainly the most unusual aspect of this piece is the plaited hair and fibre, bead decorated cords hanging from the lower portion of the sheath.

An exceptional example of a very rare Philippine knife.