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A fine Indian Tulwar
with a very fine gold hilt

A fine Indian Tulwar Shamshir with a very fine gold hilt www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine Indian sabre Tulwar, Talwar.

The overall length of these sabre is just under 91cms in the scabbard, 88cms out with a blade length of 77cms.
Certainly the highlight of this sabre is the very fine gold embellished hilt that remains in outstanding condition throughout.
The blade is of typical form with a block ricasso, central fuller and a sharpened back edge. The blade remains in very good condition with the exception of dark staining and very light pitting two thirds of the way along the blade.
The scabbard is leather over timber with silver wire stitching along the rear seam. It ends in a small decorative silver drag.
The blade has movement at the hilt.

A very fine Indian Tulwar with an exceptional gold hilt.