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Thai fighting sword
Siam Darb sabre
Samrit metal fittings

Thai fighting sword Siam Darb sabre Samrit metal fittings www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


An early Siamese fighting sword with Samrit metal fittings.

The overall length of this sword in the scabbard is just over 84cms. Out of the scabbard it is 80cms long with blade just over 46cms.
The scabbard is a solid timber core mounted in heavy Samrit metal fittings. Samrit being a copper Alloy blended with precious metals, in this case, gold Samrit that would polish to a very bright luster.
The hilt is dark Teak like timber that carries a deep age patina. There is evidence that a pommel was once in place on this sword but the age patina on the timber shows it to have been without one for a very long time.
The blade is a good forged type with a clear Harmon like hardened edge and hints of blue indicating the blade likely contains Namphee steel.

A fine old Thai sword that was most likely carried by an wealthy individual as Namphee and Samrit are very seldom seen together.