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A very good and large
Le Couteau Navaja 51cms
fine fighting knife

A very good and large Le Couteau Navaja fine fighting knife www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very good French made "Navaja" for the Spanish market.

51cms open, 27cms closed and a blade length of 23cms.
Of a fine construction, the back spring is a strong, thick and is contoured to the profile. Mounted to the back spring are steel bolsters with decorative brass middle and end fittings. Between the brass fittings are translucent horn slabs on a painted steel background. These slabs are secured with numerous pins and decorative rosettes with one now missing.
The blade is full with distal taper. It has a needle point and beveled back edge and remains in good condition and displays a makers or retailers mark.

A Navaja of very good and capable proportions.